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Create a somewhat random collection using SMSUniqueIdentifier

This query will allow you to create a somewhat random collection based on the SMSUniqueIdentifier add more or less numbers depending on your target deployment size


SCCM Client Install – Could not access network location %APPDATA%

Today I was troubleshooting an SCCM Client install issue. checking the CCMSetup.log file the setup was returning “Could not access network location %APPDATA%” To resolve this issue I updated the appdata location under the following registry key

the location was set to “%APPDATA%” instead of “%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming” after updating this location I was able to successfully […]

SCCM SQL query to list deployments with User Notifications set to show all

Today I needed get a list of deployments that had the user notification set to “Display in Software Center and show all notifications” so I could update the deployments so users would not get the “New Software is Available” toast on available deployments.  I was able to use this query to determine this.  


Purge Transactional dead-letter queue messages using PowerShell

Here is a snippet I used to purge messages from the System Transactional dead-letter queue using PowerShell.  


Purge MSMQ Private Queue using PowerShell

I needed to be able to purge all Private Queues using PowerShell. I also needed to have this work on Powershell 3.0. here is the snippet I used to complete this task.

with Powershell 4.0 you can use Get-MsmQueue


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