Purge Transactional dead-letter queue messages using PowerShell

Here is a snippet I used to purge messages from the System Transactional dead-letter queue using PowerShell.  


Purge MSMQ Private Queue using PowerShell

I needed to be able to purge all Private Queues using PowerShell. I also needed to have this work on Powershell 3.0. here is the snippet I used to complete this task.

with Powershell 4.0 you can use Get-MsmQueue


Powershell and VB script to update a registry key if it exists on the local system

Here are a couple scripts I wrote to update a registry key on a system if it the key exists. I created a PowerShell script to do this then realized that some of the systems being updated were pretty old so decided to go with VB Script   Power Shell Script

VB Script


Powershell Script to detect one or more KB articles are installed

This PowerShell script checks OS version or KB articles are installed on system. Used in SCCM as a detection method for IE 11 Prereqs.


Powershell Install multiple Windows Updates .MSU

This script will loop through multiple msu windows updates files and install them.  


PowerShell Set user permissions on a shared folder

Set user permissions on a shared folder using PowerShell Applies To: Windows 8.1, Windows PowerShell 4.0, Windows Server 2012 R2  


PowerShell WMI query to get IP address

Here is a simple function in PowerShell to ping a system via WMI query and return the IP address.


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